Have you got aging servers?
Need to upgrade/replace your old server, but don’t know what to do?
Worried about the cost of replacing your server hardware?
What is the cost/business impact of losing a server?
Looking to span this replacement cost over a number of years?

By moving to a virtualised server infrastructure, you can consolidate your current physical servers. Running your servers in a virtualised environment will give you the following immediate benefits:

• Increases performance
• Introduce further servers at no additional hardware expense
• No more costly upgrades
• Add and remove resources to servers on demand
• Server utilisation no longer wasted, make best use of your hardware
• Additional disaster recovery, single or multi server failure
• Business continuity, reduced server downtime
• True fixed cost solution
• 50% Growth capacity built in
• Reduce Power consumption and lower utility bills.

Over the last 3-4 years, the advancement of virtualisation hardware and storage has significantly reduced the cost, implementation and maintenance of these solutions. No longer the reserve for large corporates; virtualisation is a cost effective option for all company’s

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